Spark Calibration

Spark Calibration

Spark Calibration Laboratory is opened, with the participation of Defense Industry Undersecretary Murad Bayar, on 23rd November 2011.

Our laboratory which offers service according to ISO 17025 standards is the sole Authorized Service Provider of "2012 Europe Frost and Sullivan Customer Services Leadership Awards in Calibration Services" awarded Agilent Technologies in Turkey, Middle East, East Europe and North Africa.

Our laboratory, providing calibration and repairment services for Agilent branded RF and microwave equipments up to 50 GHz, updates according to new models at the same time with other Agilent Service Centers around the world.

There are some benefits if you choose Spark Calibration Laboratory, the sole Authorized Service Provider of Agilent Technologies in Turkey, for calibration of your RF and microwave equipments up to 50 GHz. Thereby, you can have the privilege of getting calibration service for your equipment with the methods of manufacturer that desinged and produced them.

Sole Authorized Service Provider in Turkey
Spark Calibration Laboratory is approved by Agilent Technologies as "Sole Authorized Service Provider in Turkey". Therefore, it is periodically examined by Quality Agent of Agilent Technologies. All recent calibration and repairment methods developed by the producer company are put into process simultaneously.

Complete Calibration Including Full Adjustment
The adjustments required if your Agilent branded equipment gets out of limits are done by only Spark Calibration Laboratory in Turkey.

Original Replacement Parts
The calibration of your equipments with the methods of the producer company and repairment with the original replacement parts at Spark Calibration Laboratory provides reliable and accurate results.

Service From Expert Technical Staff
Experienced tehnical personnel trained frequently by the producer company can offer the most up-to-date and the most qualified service.

Calibration Report and Sertificate
Exactly the same methods with the Agilent Technologies are applied during calibration. After calibration, "Calibration Report" including "As Received" and "As Shipped" values of the equipment is conveyed with certificate with "Agilent Authorized Service Provider" Logo.

Complete and Accurate Malfunction Detection
The equipment come to our laboratory is not only evaluated with respect to the customer request, in addition the exclusive tests of the equipment and general function tests are applied and the equipment is put to a throughly mulfunction analysis.

Improvement Actions
The service notes for equipments published by the manufacturer are applied free of charge only at Spark Calibration Laboratory in Turkey.

Option Installation and Firmware Updates;
In our Lab, we are not only performing calibration and repair. Also, option installations and firmware updates are loaded by our Lab Technical team upon your request.

On-site Calibration and Repair Option
According to your request, our technical service provides on-site service.

Shipping Safety
Equipment insurance and safe packaging are applied when the unit reaches to our facility till acceptance by customer from the lab. Your device is under our guarantee.

With our fast, well-planned and professional service touch, in 2-3 days, the calibration of the equipment has been done.

The Journey of your equipment at Spark;
- When the equipment arrives to our Service Department, firstly The Electrical Safety Test is performed and the first observation is recorded.
- The identity information is registered (such as Serial and Model Number).
- Any updates and upgrades about the device which are published by the Manufacturer are going to be checked and applied.
- According to your request, necessary procedures are going to be started quickly.
- We will be in touch with you for solutions about Lab observations and determinations.
- Upon your request, the latest revisions are installed for your equipment.
- Before delivery, the first procedure which is Electrical Safety Test is performed again and now your device is refurbished.



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